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Samba and Capoeira: transcendent resistance

Here it goes another ‘Samba post’ mixed with ‘Random thoughts’… The lyrics of the songs posted are part of the post’s rationale, so I posted links to them either immediately after their titles or at the end of the post. … Continue reading

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O Povo Brasileiro / The Brazilian People

We come from the confluence, the cultural shock, the mingling of the Portuguese invader with our native Indians and African natives. We are a syncretic culture a new people who, despite being the off spring of the fusion of different … Continue reading

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Mestre Waldemar da Paixão

“My name is Waldemar Rodrigues da Paixão, I was born in 1916, learnt Capoeira from Siri de Mangue, Canário Pardo, Calabi de Periperi… I took 4 years learning, in 40 I was teaching on the Pero Vaz [street from Salvador, … Continue reading

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