Show Macaya: Celebrating Brazilian Culture and Syncretism

Macaya means ‘celebration, party’ in Iorubá. Relying exclusively on voluntary work, the troupe was entirely cast of capoeiras, mostly of beginners without any previous experience in theatre or dance. Profa. Josi Rocha, besides directing and choreographing the troupe, was one of the main people behind this really-low-cost production. The clip above and the interviews below will be of great help and inspiration for those keen to jump into cultural productions/performances with their Capoeira schools. Continue reading

Encontro de Capoeira na Fazenda 33

For many years informal trainings, parties and Rodas at the Farm 33 (my Grandfather’s farm) were part of my learning and Capoeira experience. Many friends, Mestres and students were there with me enjoying trainings, Rodas, bate-papos and parties. This year (from the 11th to the 16th of December) I want to bring my students closer to some of my friends (whom I look up to) to exchange experiences, classes and games in this relaxed environment. Continue reading

Learning from Brazilian Culture – TV Clipping – Viver em Brasília

In this short interview recorded at the Viver em Brasília TV Show (Living in Brasília) I talked about a research we did in our schools in Sweden in 2005. The numbers were amazing. Among 100 students we had 33 foreigners from 14 nationalities playing Capoeira together. The research come up when we were discussing the slightly different functions of Capoeira as a social tool in Brazil and in developed countries.I also explained a bit further how the ‘open introductory workshops’ worked in our social inclusion program. Continue reading