Beirut, os Sobreviventes e a Volta do Mundo

By George Haddad

Vinícius de Moraes, the Brazilian poet, composer and singer says that we don’t ‘make’ friends, we simply acknowledge that the friendship was already there as soon as we meet friends for the first time. This is exactly how I felt when I got to Beirut. The Sobreviventes crew made me so comfortable teaching in their programs that I felt like I was teaching in one of my own in Brazil.
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7 Things to do When Donors Cut Back

I received this article from Arbi ‘Papagaio’, co-founder of Volta ao Mundo – The Lebanese-Brazilian connection. Papagaio and Alegria have been running their NGO and respective programs almost exclusively through charity donations and a proactive fund-raising system. Always tuned to social movements, charity trends, and the third sector Papagaio and Alegria are always sharing interesting material with me. This is one of these articles that all those relying (at least partially) on donations should read. Continue reading

Capoeira Sobreviventes and Volta ao Mundo NGO are hiring an instructor for their programmes

If you’re passionate about ‘Social Capoeira’ and would like to network with engaged people who have been already doing a great job in the field of social development through Capoeira-related programmes, you should consider this job offer very seriously. (Job Description below) Continue reading