Bidna Capoeira: Measuring our impact – Transparency and Results

One of my intentions re-posting articles from institutions involved with ‘Social Capoeira’ is to follow up the interviews I published with them giving readers some perspective on the daily lives of those involved with Capoeira-related programs. Another idea is, of course, to inspire others to really get involved with this kind of programs and approach to Capoeira. The need to approach one’s grasp of what Capoeira is and to meet community development principles within these programs can reveal a lot about our own modus operandi. In the following post Bidna Capoeira explains the importance of ‘transparency’ and ‘sustanability’ if we are to achieve the support of worldly recognised institutions. I believe we also ought to add ‘accountability’. Continue reading

Bidna Capoeira: Where it all began

On February 2010 I posted an interview with Tarek ‘Laranja’, who would became the co-founder of Bidna Capoeira. The NGO, intended to enrich peoples’ lives in areas of conflict and poverty, is growing fast and already assisting youngsters in different countries. ‘Free for kids’, a project born even before the NGO is still been run in Syria, and despite the current turmoils in the area, they have been granted funds to extend their program in Palestina, where they currently provide Capoeira-related activities to nearly 500 kids. The short article that follows shares how it all begun. Continue reading

Bidna Capoeira moves on enriching the lives of Palestinias kids.

Bidna Capoeira extended its joint cooperation with UNRWA providing Capoeira as tool enriching the lives of Palestinians kids in occupied areas of West Bank. I contacted Tarek ‘Laranja’, Bidna Capoeira’s Chairman, to know whether this new phase of their program came out of some formal assessment, but so far did not get a reply on it. In the official note that follows UNRWA provide statements but does not mention any official reports. Continue reading