Crowdsourcing to publish The Social Capoeira Movement and Its Activists book


The Social Capoeira Movement and Its Activists will be launched soon! The manuscript has been edited according to our crowdsourced group of editors-friends and a very talented designer took the project’s reins.  I’m now drawing the fund-raising and marketing plans with another crew of camaradas and soon we’ll have the first volume available for capoeiras world over. Continue reading

Povo de Cor Festival and the Social Capoeira Movement in Sete Lagoas

After a whole year of voluntary teaching a group of friends in Sete Lagoas, MG, in partnership with the local Lions Club was granted enough funds to run another season of regular classes and a series of events celebrating the Month of the Black Consciousness in Brazil. Whereas their regular classes were tailored to cater for underprivileged children and youth in the area, the events workshops, talks and Rodas also welcomed disable youngsters from the local APAE (Parents and Friends of the Disabled’s Association); where two of the teachers involved in the project hold classes. Continue reading

Encontro de Capoeira na Fazenda 33

For many years informal trainings, parties and Rodas at the Farm 33 (my Grandfather’s farm) were part of my learning and Capoeira experience. Many friends, Mestres and students were there with me enjoying trainings, Rodas, bate-papos and parties. This year (from the 11th to the 16th of December) I want to bring my students closer to some of my friends (whom I look up to) to exchange experiences, classes and games in this relaxed environment. Continue reading