Launching Jogo Aberto docco & Australia Day Workshops 26-30/01

This post will serve as board-message about the Australia Day workshops 26-30/01. The event is two-fold project in which we’ll exchange experiences and play with CM Itapuã Beiramar (from Movimento Novo) and Professor Pererê, as well as launch the ‘Jogo Aberto: an open chat about Capoeira and social inclusion‘ documentary movie. Everyone is welcomed to join us in this long weekend of Capoeira in Coolangatta, Gold Coast (AU). Continue reading

The Aotearoa New Zealand Capoeira Community

The Capoeira Community in Aotearoa New Zealand is a great example of how the art’s historic and philosophical (intercultural and interdisciplinary) principles are inspiring people world over to overcome exclusionary and market oriented attitudes in Capoeira. Skillful and dedicated capoeiras are forging cross-group and cross-style cooperation, and benefiting from the diverse result in Rodas, events, and workshops. The 1st Aruandê Festival in Wellington promoted by Professor Pererê and his students was a great example of this. The event counted with Brazilians and non-Brazilian Mestres, Instructors, and students; all attending each others workshops and playing awesome games in the event’s many Rodas and exhibitions. Continue reading