Paulo Freire and Capoeira – Video Resources

After I wrote Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education and the ‘Politics of Capoeira’ students and friends became more curious to discuss his work. His method has been a frequent topic in classes, trips, and e-mail conversations. Looking for resources in English I found some bits and pieces of interviews, seminars, and websites that might help those still not familiar with his theories and methods while searching for his books. For those who have been looking at issues of hierarchy, ethics, ‘culture shock’, and group/style rivalry, these sources may come in useful. Continue reading

Paulo Freire’s Libertarian Philosophy of Education and the ‘Politics of Capoeira’. 2/2

Politicking is a power and money-driven practice of a few, which causes the withdrawal of many devoted students and young instructors in Capoeira. Conversely, politics can be a way to engage and take action against politicking and other unhealthy practices within the art. A way of re-organising Capoeira towards more noble values and purposes within our communities. Freire’s argument for a libertarian process of education helps demystify the discussion of a ‘neutral’ versus a politicised approach to the art. Continue reading

Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education and the ‘Politics of Capoeira’. 1/2

“I have had enough of Capoeira politics!” In 20 years of practice I have lost count of how many nice, talented and devoted-to-the-art friends I have seen leaving  Capoeira for this reason. Only that they gave up because of ‘politicking’ not ‘politics'; an important distinction.
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