If you don’t know this, you no nothing at all!

What would you do if someone kicked you a meia lua de frente? Depending on where or from whom did you learn different esquivas will come to your mind. Some might even think about a more combative approach with a cabeçada or a rasteira as an ‘answer’ to that kick. Which one would be ‘the right one’ then? Is there such an absolute answer? I don’t think so, for me most things in Capoeira are circumstantial, thus depending upon many variables. I was tell my students, however, that on a basic level, ‘if it saved your face of a kick or your butt from a rasteira, you must have done something right regardless of how clumsy or elegant your movement was’. Continue reading

More of Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education in Capoeira

I can’t recommend enough of Paulo Freire’s reading for all those keen to build a coherent linkage between their Capoeira practice and a progressive take on education. The discourse of freedom and/or emancipation is always present in the practice, ironically, however, such discourse is rarely coherent with an emancipatory approach of education in Capoeira. That’s why whenever possible I post on Paulo Freire’s philosophy of education. So here it goes a couple of other references in English. Continue reading

INTERcutural versus MULTIcultural perspective: closing up the Month of the Black Consciousness

Lessons on how to build unity within diversity were left to us many times throughout the course of human history. In Brazil their were taught centuries ago, first, and foremost, by diverse African and Amerindian nations that together with exliled Europeans created an intercutural alternative in marginal cultural and geographical areas. Continue reading