Jinga Communities: Funding boost puts Cornwall on map for Afro-Brazilian culture

Just got this press release from my friend Canguru. With a recent grants to fund new and ongoing programs Canguru is spreading more community oriented Capoeira around Cornwall (EN) and setting an example world over. As news of his programs reaches other capoeiristas, Canguru is happy to share ‘how to’ tips for those keen to get involved in Social Capoeira over the internet as well. If you haven’t heard of Jinga Communities yet check Craig Canguru’s article ‘The New Era of Social Capoeira’ over 4CT.
Parabéns pelo trabalho Camarada!! Espero te ver em breve nas nossas oficinas em Estocolmo!! Continue reading

The new era of ‘social capoeira’

My name is Craig Blackburn (Canguru). I am a social entrepreneur who uses capoeira as a tool to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people in Cornwall, England. In April, 2011 I was invited to a capoeira event in Västerås (Sweden) to talk about my work. The effect of this visit on my professional life was so powerful that I felt compelled to pass on my thoughts. So here we go. Continue reading

Västerås Capoeira – 2nd Jogada MessageBoard

The event in Västerås is over and I’m quite sad about it. It’s not easy to let go of all these wonderful people, old and new friends. It was a very special weekend of classes, Rodas, bate-papos and movie screening. The ‘social Capoeira’ family is growing fast. Continue reading