Movimento Novo 2010 – 3rd Edition

Folks, I just got an email from Itapuã promoting their annual meeting – The Movimento Novo. They took the history of the art to guide the discussions and counted with Mestres Nestor Capoeira, Marrom, Tisza, and the researcher Matthias Röhrig as special guests. I’m happy to learn that their movement is thriving, bringing diverse people together and widening the range of issues approached. Axé meus Camaradas!!! I hope that those who are looking for this kind of light may find your candeeiro’ to enlighten their path.

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O Movimento Novo / A New Movement in Capoeira

(Caption: In a Sunday afternoon in Rio de Janeiro 30 youngster capoeiras gathered themselves to exchange ideas and they got to the following conclusion: Capoeira is a *Bamba’s thing!)

* – Bamba – Someone adept at verbal and physical dueling; synonym for capoeira expert. Continue reading