May 13 and the Abolition of slavery in Brazil.

Although the 13th of May is the official date celebrating the Abolition of slavery in Brazil, politicised people tend to prefer to celebrate this achievement on November 20, the Day of the Black Consciousness. The rationale is simple. Choosing the day of Zumbi’s execution as the date to celebrate the end of slavery, Blacks and Mestizos bring to the centre of the scenario the acknowledgement of the enslaved peoples’ effort towards freedom, instead of a benevolent act from a White Princess. Continue reading

The Day of the Black Consciousness


Mestre Jogo de Dentro singing a Ladainha at his workshop at the Volta Por Cima / Cordão de Ouro Centre in Brasília in 08-2005

Since the 1960s the Day of the Black Consciousness in Brazil is celebrated on the 20th of November. At this day, in 1695, the last leader of the Quilombo dos Palmares – Zumbi, was executed by the slavish establishment.

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