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Distance and Proximity

… I learnt that distance, as much as proximity, is essential to understand our relationship with both our counterparts and craft. … The message that follows was written to my Brazilian friends (even though some are living abroad) on my … Continue reading

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Uma tarde um violão… a Capoeira (Playing our lives)

Prefacing Roger Garaudy‘s Dançar a Vida (Dancing Life) Maurice Béjart tells how words can sometimes divide people while dancing seems to always harmoniously bring them together. The book studies the history of Dance and how it can become a practical … Continue reading

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Web Roundup – Capoeira and ‘Classic Music’ and the role of Brazil in the global scenario

Before leaving Brazil I remember there was a fuzz about Mestre Gil Velho’s (Anthropologist and Co-founder of the Senzala Group) take on how people should play Capoeira. In his view we should rescue the old habits of playing Capoeira to … Continue reading

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