A tribute to Mestre Bimba

This post is tribute to Mestre Bimba, Manoel dos Reis Machado the creator of Capoeira Regional. He died on the 5th of February of 1974 in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. Throughout February homages to Mestre Bimba arises in form of Rodas, talks, and Church masses. The TV Show ‘De Lá pra Cá’ produced by TV Brasil (a Brazilian public channel) was screened on 21/11/10 and marked the early opening of these homages to the great Mestre (in Portuguese only).

Fundamentalism and Capoeira. 2/3


Matters of authenticity are very often related to aesthetic values, socio-centrism, and market reserve. The concept is usually applied attempting to validate or to quantify one’s perspective or practice over somebody else’s. It is also frequently based upon myths of purism; an ironic approach for an interdisciplinary and intercutural practice like Capoeira.

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