Institutionalised Groups Versus Cooperative Actions

… today our groups, our utmost institution, are shaping our grasp of Capoeira. And it is through our groups that our grasp of the world, however more embodied and less dichotomised it might be, remains heavily institutionalised, captive. … Here Comes Everybody (2008) is about collaboration, about a revolution in the way our societies interact among each other and within its groups. … What matters here is that this interplay of institutionalised groups and cooperative actions provides those working with Capoeira as a social tool another paradigm to explore and learn from. Continue reading

Capoeira groups: Instituition x Collaboration

I just finish reading Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody: How Change Happens When People Come Together. The book is about the revolution caused by social media in our daily group dynamics. The changes in communication patterns, services provision, collaboration, etc. is already happening. Much of his work enlightens current matters in our worldwide Capoeira community too. Continue reading