INTERcutural versus MULTIcultural perspective: closing up the Month of the Black Consciousness

Lessons on how to build unity within diversity were left to us many times throughout the course of human history. In Brazil their were taught centuries ago, first, and foremost, by diverse African and Amerindian nations that together with exliled Europeans created an intercutural alternative in marginal cultural and geographical areas. Continue reading

Creating a sustainable Capoeira programme in England; by ‘Dedicado’

In this post ‘Dedicado’ share with the community development-oriented capoeiras his experience in setting a not-for-profit Capoeira organisation in England. The post is an inspiring testimonial (with a twist of a ‘how to’) from a student with over 10 years of experience in community development. The programme Dedicado mentions is still been run in England. As for him, he’s up to new ventures supporting the awesome Capoeira community of New Zealand. Continue reading