INTERcutural versus MULTIcultural perspective: closing up the Month of the Black Consciousness

Lessons on how to build unity within diversity were left to us many times throughout the course of human history. In Brazil their were taught centuries ago, first, and foremost, by diverse African and Amerindian nations that together with exliled Europeans created an intercutural alternative in marginal cultural and geographical areas. Continue reading

Is miscegenation a synonym of racial democracy?

Celebrating the November 20, the Day of the Black Consciousness, in Brazil I posted a series of articles inviting my camarás to reflect about the intricate socio-cultural and historical background Capoeira comes from. In the following article – Is miscegenation a synonym of racial democracy? – José Carlos Ruy* discuss such intricacies balancing two radical perspectives on miscegenation. The understanding of this matters will certainly reinforce our understanding of syncretism as a key element in Capoeira. Continue reading

The Day of the Black Consciousness


Mestre Jogo de Dentro singing a Ladainha at his workshop at the Volta Por Cima / Cordão de Ouro Centre in Brasília in 08-2005

Since the 1960s the Day of the Black Consciousness in Brazil is celebrated on the 20th of November. At this day, in 1695, the last leader of the Quilombo dos Palmares – Zumbi, was executed by the slavish establishment.

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