‘Jogo Aberto: a chat about Capoeira and social inclusion’ touring Australasia, Europe and Middle East

20/04 Note: Gente, I posted a small article about my school’s kids’ event in Stockholm. Please check it out and spread the word! Meninos de Ouro. Continue reading

Launching Jogo Aberto docco & Australia Day Workshops 26-30/01

This post will serve as board-message about the Australia Day workshops 26-30/01. The event is two-fold project in which we’ll exchange experiences and play with CM Itapuã Beiramar (from Movimento Novo) and Professor Pererê, as well as launch the ‘Jogo Aberto: an open chat about Capoeira and social inclusion‘ documentary movie. Everyone is welcomed to join us in this long weekend of Capoeira in Coolangatta, Gold Coast (AU). Continue reading

Jogo Aberto Narratives

Often after interviews and talks many of you guys came up with very nice thoughts and/or comments about the questions and/or different issues. I would appreciate if you could share them through this post. Though we won’t be able to use this in the documentary movie, I would still be able to use them in my research, or in future projects, after contacting you in this regard. Continue reading