Meninos de Ouro – Kids Capoeira in Stockholm, Sweden

In the beginning of this month I started a trip to pay students and friends a visit in different European countries. As usual within our own schools is time to catch up with our instructors and programs and to balance aims and achievements. My first stop was in Stockholm for workshops with children and adults, in addition to a kids’ Batizado party with awesome cultural performances.

We had Prof. Kleyton from Cordão de Ouro Oslo along with myself as special guests, and it was very nice to catch up with him and get to know more about his work with kids. It was also very nice to see friends from other groups and styles showing up to support both our work with kids and adults. I’ll write a separate post on the workshop for adults, as in this one we also screened the Jogo Aberto movie and got into a really nice discussion.

Ingela, who’s in charge of our kids program in Stockholm, did a really nice work this time. I had my camera with me and seeing all that I decided to interview a couple of parents about their view on how Capoeira impacts the lives of their children. I believe our open-minded attitude towards other groups and styles in Capoeira as well as our take on Capoeira as an educational tool plays a big role in our kids experience. Both parents interviewed confirmed this opinion. Ingela is about to write an article on her experience with ‘Meninos de Ouro’ and as soon as she does this I’ll post it here to share with you.

I really would like to thank all parents for their trust and support. A special thanks goes to Anne and Lars for their statements and cooperation.

‘Jogo Aberto: a chat about Capoeira and social inclusion’ touring Australasia, Europe and Middle East

20/04 Note: Gente, I posted a small article about my school’s kids’ event in Stockholm. Please check it out and spread the word! Meninos de Ouro. Continue reading

Bidna Capoeira assists 480 children recover from violence-related traumas in occupied Palestine
Bidna Capoeira, an NGO that works in partnership with diverse Capoeira groups and local communities in Middle Eastern, is launching an outreach Capoeira programme in West Bank and in East Jerusalem neighbourhood. The project aims to support community integration and mobilise communities in regards to protection problems in 5 refugee camps. A total of 480 children who have been experiencing armed-conflict, arrest, house eviction and physical abuse traumas will be assisted in this UNRWA sponsored project. Continue reading