A piece of capoeira in Cameroon – By Linda Raftree

Linda has been working in the area of social development internationally since the early 90s. The first time I re-posted one of Linda’s articles it was about how Capoeira have helped her son developing empathy. In this one she shares her vision and take on the History of the art-form as well some possible connections with the region in Africa where she lives in. An interesting piece of work illustrating the diversity of discourses accounting for the origin of Capoeira. Soon Linda will give us her view on Capoeira and social development. Continue reading

That thing you said I’d get – By Linda Raftree

After posting that I’m working on getting 4CT published as a book I got a comment by Linda ‘Jaguatirica’ Raftree, an international social worker who happens to play Capoeira in Cameroon, Africa. As usual I’m happy to network with like-minded people and spread the word out about a social take on Capoeira. Linda shares her love for the art with her son what in addition to her working background gives her a good insights about two great streams of Capoeira – education and empowerment. Continue reading

The new era of ‘social capoeira’

My name is Craig Blackburn (Canguru). I am a social entrepreneur who uses capoeira as a tool to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people in Cornwall, England. In April, 2011 I was invited to a capoeira event in Västerås (Sweden) to talk about my work. The effect of this visit on my professional life was so powerful that I felt compelled to pass on my thoughts. So here we go. Continue reading