More of Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa

A while ago I wrote a post about Mestre Brabo’s school in New Zealand and his work with children. Here is a sequel of that video, produced by Jory, with interviews with Mestre Brabo and his oldest students. If you haven’t read about the Capoeira community in New Zealand, check out the following posts: Continue reading

Capoeira Kids Program in Aotearoa NZ

Mestre Brabo has just launched a Capoeira Angola program for kids in his Academia and Cultural Centre in Auckland (Aotearoa NZ). He pioneered teaching Capoeira in NZ almost 20 years ago and ever since has been committed to teach and uphold the art-form’s philosophy. With a solid background in Education Mestre Brabo uses Capoeira Angola as a tool to address local issues in his Academia’s programs for children, youth and adults. Continue reading

IV Aruandê Capoeira Festival – New Zealand 2-11/09/2011

Between the 2nd and the 11th of September Prof. Pererê will be celebrating 2 decades in Capoeira. The Aotearoa Capoeira Community is very special for its diverse and cooperative environment and Pererê and his students play a great role in it. If you like to play and train in a diverse and friendly environment, you can’t miss this event! Axé Pererê! Que venham mais 100 anos para celebrarmos juntos!! Continue reading