Encontro de Capoeira na Fazenda 33

For many years informal trainings, parties and Rodas at the Farm 33 (my Grandfather’s farm) were part of my learning and Capoeira experience. Many friends, Mestres and students were there with me enjoying trainings, Rodas, bate-papos and parties. This year (from the 11th to the 16th of December) I want to bring my students closer to some of my friends (whom I look up to) to exchange experiences, classes and games in this relaxed environment.

Dates / Datas:
From the 11th to the 16th of December (tuesday to sunday)

Guests / Convidados:
Eurico – aula de Capoeira e bate papo;
Josi – aula de Samba e Dança Afro-Brasileira;
Prof Bexiga – palestra sobre a musicalidade na Capoeira;
Prof Ely – palestra sobre Capoeira Infantil;
CM Ferpa – aula de Capoeira e maculelê;
Mestre Lu Pimenta – aula de Capoeira e bate-papo (a Mulher na Capoeira);
Instrutor Hugo Samurai (Capoeirista e músico profissional) – aula de percussão;
CM Vila Isabel – aula de Capoeira e confecção de instrumentos;
Mestre Cláudio Danadinho – aula de Capoeira e palestra.

Accommodation / Alojamento:
We are offering indoor communal accommodation or camping spots. Participants should bring mats, sleeping bags and tents accordingly.

Trip Itinerary / Roteiro de Viagem:
Estou organizando o evento em Brasília de forma que meus alunos e amigos possam ir também para os eventos dos CMs Ferpa (Campinas SP – de 6 a 8 de Dezembro) e Barriga (Caraívas BA – de 1 a 5 de Janeiro de 2013), onde vamos passar o Ano Novo juntos

I’m organizing the event in Brasília so that my students and friends can also come along to CM Ferpa’s (Campinas SP – from the 6th to the 8th of December) and CM Barriga’s event, where we will spend the New Year’s celebrations (Cabrália BA – from the 1st to the 5th of January 2013).

Limited Vacancies / Vagas Limitadas!
Given our space constraints in terms of training and accommodation there will be room for up to 25 participants.

Note / Obs:
Soon there will be more information available about the events and trips. Please note that the schedule of the events may suffer changes as they’re planned.

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