Capoeira, Samba and Brazilian Afro-Dance Workshops in Västerås 20-21/04/12

Next weekend I’ll be in Västerås for a workshop with Instrutor Chitão and Josi, both from MG, Brazil. The workshop is open and we’re expecting friends and students from other cities and countries as well. We’ll accommodate everyone in the academia and there will be lots of classes and Rodas de Rua for everyone to train and play. Continue reading

The São Salomão Capoeira Centre and The Caxinguelês Project

The Centro de Capoeira São Salomão (CCSS) is a not-for-proft cultural entity created with the aim of keeping alive the traditions of Capoeira. CCSS teaches a series of interdisciplinary and Capoeira-related programs as an instrument for education, citizenship building and social inclusion. In this interview Mestre Mago shares with 4CapoeiraThoughts the history and achievements of his Centre’s programs as well as his views on Capoeira as an educational tool. In addition, Mestre Mago also shares his take, and difficulties teaching both Capoeira Angola and Regional. Continue reading