Capoeira Kids Program in Aotearoa NZ

Mestre Brabo has just launched a Capoeira Angola program for kids in his Academia and Cultural Centre in Auckland (Aotearoa NZ). He pioneered teaching Capoeira in NZ almost 20 years ago and ever since has been committed to teach and uphold the art-form’s philosophy. With a solid background in Education Mestre Brabo uses Capoeira Angola as a tool to address local issues in his Academia’s programs for children, youth and adults. Continue reading

Capoeira and security: the view from upside-down. By Zoë Marriage

Through an account of capoeira, the Brazilian dance-fight-game, we uncover two simultaneous stories of security: first, the gradual monopolisation of violence by the state; second, a somatic, lyrical representation of a history of violence, oppression and liberation. Continue reading

If you don’t know this, you no nothing at all!

What would you do if someone kicked you a meia lua de frente? Depending on where or from whom did you learn different esquivas will come to your mind. Some might even think about a more combative approach with a cabeçada or a rasteira as an ‘answer’ to that kick. Which one would be ‘the right one’ then? Is there such an absolute answer? I don’t think so, for me most things in Capoeira are circumstantial, thus depending upon many variables. I was tell my students, however, that on a basic level, ‘if it saved your face of a kick or your butt from a rasteira, you must have done something right regardless of how clumsy or elegant your movement was’. Continue reading