East Timor: Capoeira for Peace and Children’s Rights Exhibition

Camaradas, my friend Ruth Kimball sent out an email inviting Capoeira-related social programs world over to join a ‘Capoeira for Peace and Children’s Rights exhibition’ in East Timor. Ruth is a volunteer at MAC (United Children of East Timor), a program launched and run by the youngsters themselves. We have been exchanging ideas about the importance of sharing MAC’s history with other socially engaged capoeiristas world over and soon Ruth will be posting it over here. What follows next is a free-translation of Ruth’s email. Don’t miss out this chance of featuring your program in this important event. Continue reading

A piece of capoeira in Cameroon – By Linda Raftree

Linda has been working in the area of social development internationally since the early 90s. The first time I re-posted one of Linda’s articles it was about how Capoeira have helped her son developing empathy. In this one she shares her vision and take on the History of the art-form as well some possible connections with the region in Africa where she lives in. An interesting piece of work illustrating the diversity of discourses accounting for the origin of Capoeira. Soon Linda will give us her view on Capoeira and social development. Continue reading

Bidna Capoeira: Where it all began

On February 2010 I posted an interview with Tarek ‘Laranja’, who would became the co-founder of Bidna Capoeira. The NGO, intended to enrich peoples’ lives in areas of conflict and poverty, is growing fast and already assisting youngsters in different countries. ‘Free for kids’, a project born even before the NGO is still been run in Syria, and despite the current turmoils in the area, they have been granted funds to extend their program in Palestina, where they currently provide Capoeira-related activities to nearly 500 kids. The short article that follows shares how it all begun. Continue reading