That thing you said I’d get – By Linda Raftree

After posting that I’m working on getting 4CT published as a book I got a comment by Linda ‘Jaguatirica’ Raftree, an international social worker who happens to play Capoeira in Cameroon, Africa. As usual I’m happy to network with like-minded people and spread the word out about a social take on Capoeira. Linda shares her love for the art with her son what in addition to her working background gives her a good insights about two great streams of Capoeira – education and empowerment. Continue reading

A Gift of Social inclusion – By Mestre Boca Rica (CDO Barcelona)

Whenever I hold talks about social inclusion people ask me if I am aware of programs involving people with special needs. Though I have never run such programs, which makes my knowledge about them quite limited, I have a few experienced friends and colleagues in this area. Mestre Boca Rica, a friend living in Spain, is one of them. In the following article he shares his experience and views concerning how Capoeira can enrich the lives of capoeiristas with special needs. Continue reading

IRC launches programs in West Bank for at-risk children; By Ned Colt

Here it follows some good news about our Bidna Capoeria Camaradas. They have managed to renew and expand their program in Gaza enriching the lives of hundreds of kids through Capoeira-related activities. Tarek ‘Laranja‘ wrote me saying that as soon as they have official assessments on how the art-form is impacting these children’s lives he’ll share over 4CT with us. Continue reading