Random Thought: Capoeiras in exile

“With very little to posses, you hold on to what you have with aggressive defensiveness. What you achieve in exile is precisely what you have no wish to share, and it is in the drawing of lines around you and your compatriots that the least attractive aspects of being an exile emerge: an exaggerated sense of group solidarity as well as a passionate hostility toward outsiders, even those who may in fact be in the same predicament as you. (Said, 1984:51) Continue reading

A Week of Enrichment; By Basma ‘Alegria’ Barakat

Eurico’s visit turned out to be a week of discovery and learning. His one week schedule in Lebanon was filled with activities; to make sure he was introduced and exposed to all aspect of our Jogo de Paz project (Teaching Capoeira to children as a tool of empowerment and integration). Through this project, Volta ao Mundo, the Lebanese Brazilian Connection, has managed to work and teach capoeira to 4 main groups: Continue reading

‘… More than playing, being Capoeira itself…” A tribute to Mestre Peixinho

Mestre Peixinho passed away this week and capoeiristas world over are mourning his absence. He lives through his work and teachings within many students and friends though. Mestre Peixinho is now part of our ancestry, he lives among us whenever we praise those who have given their lives to hand-down the art-form to younger generations. Continue reading