Mens sana in corpore sano: awakening from body-mind dualisms

” … [Capoeira] has a technical dimension. The second dimension is neural. The third is mental. But there is a fourth step, when all this integrates and transcends. For me to [play] a very integrated [game] is a perfect act. … I’m no longer myself, it’s not my body, my mind. There is no weight in your [body]. There is no [body]! It’s such a great dissolution that it’s as if the movement was the only thing going on. And, because it’s a movement, it passes. But at the moment there is no temporality. It is a moment of enlightenment: you understand the nature of the movement [and of the interaction/game] and in understanding that, you know who you are. …” Continue reading

Capoeira Sobreviventes and the NGO Volta ao Mundo rescue ‘street kids’ from risk situation in Lebanon

“Capoeira Sobreviventes was formed in Lebanon shortly after the 2006 war between Lebanon and Israel … The name was inspired by the fact that core members of the group continued training in their little studio in the Hamra district of Beirut despite frequent blackouts during the 34-day war.” Both the birth of the group and its development into the Volta ao Mundo NGO are examples of the art’s principles, guiding one’s life and a group’s actions towards the emancipation and well-being of the whole community.” Continue reading

A tribute to Mestre Bimba
This post is tribute to Mestre Bimba, Manoel dos Reis Machado the creator of Capoeira Regional. He died on the 5th of February of 1974 in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. Throughout February homages to Mestre Bimba arises in form of Rodas, talks, and Church masses. The TV Show ‘De Lá pra Cá’ produced by TV Brasil (a Brazilian public channel) was screened on 21/11/10 and marked the early opening of these homages to the great Mestre (in Portuguese only).