Another year is passed… Thank you for your support and participation!

Folks, another year is passed and I would like to thank all those who have been supporting my project and chats through this blog, that’s no longer my blog, but ours. Regardless of your religious background or even you’re atheist , I hope you find in Christmas the inspiration to resurrect from the harshest life struggles, always reinventing your self with ginga and creativity, levantando sempre mais rápido de cada rasteira da vida, but above all growing stronger and more confident to move with our quest of helping each other and our communities through our art-form. Continue reading

More of Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education in Capoeira

I can’t recommend enough of Paulo Freire’s reading for all those keen to build a coherent linkage between their Capoeira practice and a progressive take on education. The discourse of freedom and/or emancipation is always present in the practice, ironically, however, such discourse is rarely coherent with an emancipatory approach of education in Capoeira. That’s why whenever possible I post on Paulo Freire’s philosophy of education. So here it goes a couple of other references in English. Continue reading