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INTERcutural versus MULTIcultural perspective: closing up the Month of the Black Consciousness

Lessons on how to build unity within diversity were left to us many times throughout the course of human history. In Brazil their were taught centuries ago, first, and foremost, by diverse African and Amerindian nations that together with exliled … Continue reading

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Capoeira and Islam: How can one go about both?

Capoeira is spreading to new places and cultures and the shock seems unavoidable, maybe even inherent. There are religious, and cultural matters. Some are related to the clash of a socio-cultural practice like Capoeira, and the western individualism. Some may … Continue reading

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Why is November the month of the Black Consciousness?!

November 20 is remembered and celebrated among us as the Day of the Black Consciousness. In fact November is full of important references to the Brazilian Black community and to capoeiras all over the world. This is the reason why … Continue reading

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