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Self-expression or market reflexion?

‘Regionalist alienation’, ‘Angolan fundamentalism’, and ‘Group totalitarianism’ are all reflexions of the same ‘game’. Different strategies to cope with the same market. The question of ‘to what extent one becomes more of an entertainer than an artist in order to … Continue reading

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New category – Random Thoughts

Gente, I’m creating the category Random Thoughts to post reflections about diverse authors and their work, which might be directly or indirectly related to Capoeira. In any case, I’ll share the references and post my comments with them. As usual, … Continue reading

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Capoeira: Origins, Development, and Global Diffusion 3/3

  The global diffusion of Capoeira, as a historical and geographical standpoint, marks the rampant intensification of the art’s recognition intertwined with its commercialisation processes. The transnational scenario of Capoeira, established next, brought an intricate institutional, cultural, and economic interplay … Continue reading

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