Capoeira: Origins, Development and Global Diffusion 1/3

(First posted in 31/07/10) Following last post’s line of thought, here it goes another piece of my PhD confirmation paper. It’s basically my take on the history of Capoeira. It’s not a novelty around here, rather it is simply my interpretation based on Brazilian scholars’ and Mestres’ publications and/or discussions about the origins and development of the art. Although they might adopt different terminologies, all of them seem to agree on two important issues regarding the art’s link to social development endevours: the intercultural origin of Capoeira and its purpose as a movement of resistance. Here it follows my interpretation of their work. Continue reading

Why Capoeira is so succesful around the world? By Sandro ‘Vovô’ Lionello

“Why Capoeira is so successful around the world is difficult to say. It is, instead, easy to say that the motivations are as many as the capoeristas are. Sometimes this fact disappoints me. I do not like when it is used to show up skills, braveness, arrogance, machismo  (both in men and women), which are usually the motivations I spot coming from the the modern world.” Continue reading