23 de Abril – Salve Jorge!!

Salve Jorge!  The martyrdom of St. Geroge is celebrated on 23 April. In different places in Brazil, due to religious syncretism, St. George also represents the Orixás Oxossi and Ogum. Here is my tribute to São Jorge. The songs’ lyrics were translated and I hope they’ll help you understand more about the Brazilian culture and faith. Continue reading

Quilombola Capoeira Angola – Mestre Pinóquio

“I finally understand Capoeira Angola, as an idea, not a style! It adds values that defines it as a way, an ideal, a cause, an action linked directly to social causes, to the union of the excluded, to the cry of the humble, to the voice of the commoners and all those in need of discernment…”

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Paulo Freire and Capoeira – Video Resources

After I wrote Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education and the ‘Politics of Capoeira’ students and friends became more curious to discuss his work. His method has been a frequent topic in classes, trips, and e-mail conversations. Looking for resources in English I found some bits and pieces of interviews, seminars, and websites that might help those still not familiar with his theories and methods while searching for his books. For those who have been looking at issues of hierarchy, ethics, ‘culture shock’, and group/style rivalry, these sources may come in useful. Continue reading