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Project Learning from Brazilian Culture: A Brief History, Profile and Guidelines

Very often I am asked “- What is ‘Volta Por Cima’?”. Most people must be thinking I have started a new group or brand. That is not the case. Mestre Suassuna’s work inspired many of my endeavours in Capoeira, including … Continue reading

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Constructional Elements of our School’s Political and Pedagogic Project

This letter was first written on the 17th of September of 2007 in Brasília, a few months before my departure to New Zealand. Despite some achievements, I am still developing the project together with our school’s students. However, I believe … Continue reading

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Mestre Waldemar da Paixão

“My name is Waldemar Rodrigues da Paixão, I was born in 1916, learnt Capoeira from Siri de Mangue, Canário Pardo, Calabi de Periperi… I took 4 years learning, in 40 I was teaching on the Pero Vaz [street from Salvador, … Continue reading

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